project management

For us, project management is the essence of our motto – there, taking care.

You give us the problem, we deliver a solution, and from then on, we make sure everything proceeds according to plan, all over the country – so you can take it off your agenda.

In the meantime, we keep you informed with the progress of your project, in real-time.

digital resources

We like to be in constant control of your projects, no matter when and where they take place.

Therefore, we put in place a nationwide network of mobile devices, designed to serve multiple purposes – as interface with consumers to deliver a creative concept, as tool to gather personal data and proof-of-purchase, as device for reporting and evaluating on-going campaigns as they go.

Also, we take pride in digitalizing most of our processes, from clients feedbacks, to internal communication, to recruitment databases.

reporting & evaluation

Back in 2010, we’ve put together a proprietary platform, to measure everything we do in the field, such as:

  • › Real-time collection of different types of data (product inventory and consumer personal information, photos of proof-of-purchase, and so on);
  • › Checking project status in real time, for various parties involved (field team, project managers, clients, sales force);
  • › Export of recurring reports in office apps;
  • › Status evaluation during and at the end of project life;
  • › Shared control over all stages of the project.

Our app is also flexible to a sizable extent – custom functionalities can be added, depending on project or client specific needs.

Last but not least, being a web app in itself, it can be viewed in real-time, via administrative permissions, from desktops or mobile devices alike.

field & logistics


Our national network rolls down resources from the field manager to the field workers, all in full command:

  • › 50 permanent office employees;
  • › 1 national field manager;
  • › 7 regional managers;
  • › 42 city managers;
  • › transit warehouses;
  • › segmented database of 5000 people;
  • › 24/7 nationwide coverage.

We run full field project logistics, from tip to toe.

We get project materials in bulk from your warehouse, we split them nationwide, distribute them by courier or our own car fleet.

When the project is completed, we return any unused products or materials back to the point of origin.

For this, we own 42 transit warehouses and employ national teams of helpers for project preparation.

HR recruitment & training

Our recruitment department is set to provide nationwide resources, depending on brand or project specifics.

It could be medical students for the pharma industry, or chefs for packaged foods, or hostesses for luxury event– of all sorts.

We also provide specialized training.

We agree with clients speech deliverables, keep training sessions (clients invited), we ran roleplays, field control, and periodical re-training if required.

full integration of services

We have a full working structure to service our clients, from brief to campaign post-evaluation:

  • › client service (23 accounts) to manage your projects fully;
  • › creative teams (4 creatives) to deliver concepts;
  • › HR recruitment (5 recruiters) to find the right field workers;
  • › field implementation (51 people nationwide) to ensure project rolling down in the field;
  • › promoters&hostesses (more than 250 permanent, more than 5000 project-based) to run field projects.