cristi “acci”
ramboiumanaging director

Acci is a tireless, always positive guy, celebrating 15 years in advertising this year, his name is closely connected to the biggest agencies in romania, such as D’Arcy, TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi.

For the past 5 years, he’s been managing Men in Black.

Creative thinking, flawless execution and solid management skills are his biggest assets.

trifuaccount director

Daniel is working in advertising since 2008, joining MIB in 2011.

In all this time, he went from promoter to account director.

Passionate about his job, he considers himself a hard worker, a funny guy and a true team player.

His favorite campaigns are for Ferrero, one of his main accounts.

muhaaccount director

Easy going and a pleasure to talk to, Muha is a true team player.

She’s been with Men in Black for over 9 years, going through projects of all sorts: implementation, logistics, creative, multi-tasking and management.

Her most beloved assignment was the re-launch of kinder surprise, a fully integrated project that included a guinness world record, too.

slabunational field coordinator

Ionut started as a field promoter in 2007 – it was mostly curiosity that got him involved into his first project, the launch of Coca-Cola Zero, in 2007.

From then on, he couldn’t let go. He’s run countless projects so far, while he admits that his true strength is his team in the field, nationwide.

Being an adrenalin junkie, he’s into any sport, as long as it’s extreme.

dumitrescubusiness development director

Razvan has been into communication for two decades, from copywriting to account management to strategy.

For a brief period, he’s been into brand management too, but he soon came to his senses.

Outside work, he’s a metalhead, loves hiking, playing drums and everything hi-tech.

His daughter is the apple of his eye.

manditaHR director

with over 11 years of experience in industries such as telecom, clinical research, travel, BPO, tiberiu has joined MIB in 2015, presently coordinating the HR department.

he’s proven the ability to develop and implement successful HR strategies to support business objectives.

his personal motto is inspired from Daniel Craig – I don’t stop when I’m tired. I stop when I’m done.